No Show Policy

We value your business and want to accommodate everyone accordingly . Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment, or you will be charged a fee at your next appointment .

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Green and Eco Responsiblity

GCS Logo-1With today’s age of GREEN & ECO-RESPONSIBILITY, the new buzz words in business are changing us for the better! We are very excited to take our industry in a new direction with exceptional standards of environmental accountability.

The beauty industry poses many challenges to the environment, from sourcing of ingredients to disposal of packaging and products. Through our alignment with Green Circle Salons, we hope to ameliorate the ecological footprint we are making, and instead, implement simple green changes that will make both our salon, and our industry, more sustainable by recycling hair, foils, colour tubes, and other metals, paper, cardboard and plastics.

The Ginger Room is proud of this new partnership and confident that as fellow stewards of the planet, you will support our initiative to help keep our communities cleaner and more vibrant places to live.

We believe that by taking these important, and incremental steps now, we can pre-empt future fees that may come as a result of an emerging green economy and the ever-increasing cost of energy and environmental regulation. We are excited about being leaders in our community and the industry, and we are delighted that you care for our world as much as we do. Green Circle Salons is 100% traceable and fully accountable for how they handle the materials we give them.